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Chez Flora Houseplant Co. offers high-quality houseplants and expert houseplant help to both residents and businesses on the beautiful Front Range. 

Nika is a professional botanist with years of horticultural experience. They are passionate about making science more accessible, and plants and humans happier. 

large anthurium houseplant
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Sarah S.

Nika has an impressive wealth of knowledge, allowing them to help you pick the perfect plant or care for your existing ones.  I can not recommend Chez Flora enough for all of your plant needs!

Andrew S.

Nika has been so helpful on my plant dad journey! Their knowledge on everything from soil preference to water and lighting requirements helps me pick the best plant for my home. I show off my plants on a regular basis.

Eva B.

Nika came to my home, reviewed my project then came back for the repotting appointment and did a beautiful and professional job! I’m very happy because all my plants have a special meaning to me.

Lauren H.

Chez Flora is so wonderful; I have discovered so many new plants and learned how to care for them! Nika always ensures I know what to do with my new plant babies. Couldn’t recommend Chez Flora enough!
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