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Since 2018, the mission of Chez Flora has been to the share the magic of plants through in-home consultations, botany education and personalized plant selection. I am honored to have cared for many heirloom plant collections and am equally gratified by having set quite a few people up with their very first plant. 

I hope to empower people of all stripes to cultivate meaningful relationships with plants, with themselves, and with the the rest of our world. Maybe you think houseplants aren't that deep, and maybe they're not, but I deeply believe in the power of curiosity and mindfulness that can be sparked from a humble houseplant.

In my plant care practice, I draw from both Western science and Indigenous knowledge systems to unite horticulture, ecology, and botany with reciprocity, humility, and respect. We can learn so much from our non-human relatives but only if we are willing to slow down and listen to them. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the intersection of Western science and Indigenous knowledge, I highly recommend reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer to start:) 

For more than five years, Chez Flora has thrived thanks to the amazing support and encouragement of this community, my beautiful friends, and my dear family. Day-to-day it's a one person show around here and I deeply appreciate your trust, patience, and understanding with me.

Thank you for supporting my business. 

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Nika Linn is from Fort Collins, Colorado. They have a B.S. in Biology/Botany and a B.A. in French Literature & Culture from Colorado State University. Nika also works as a seed analyst for the USDA. They love design, architecture, sustainability, sci-fi movies, awesome food, and plants (duh).

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