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about the business

Since 2018, the mission of Chez Flora has been to the share the magic of plants through in-home consultations, botany education and personalized plant selection. 
I truly believe that plant parenthood empowers people and can foster confidence in many aspects of their lives. 
Plants can not only make your home beautiful, but make your heart full. 

Together, let's create something beautiful and grow happiness!

Chez Flora is owned and operated by me, Nika Linn. It's a one person show around here!

Thank you for supporting my business. 

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Nika Linn is from Fort Collins, Colorado. They have a B.S. in Biology/Botany and a B.A. in French Literature & Culture from Colorado State University. Nika also works as a seed analyst for the USDA. They love design, architecture, sustainability, sci-fi movies, awesome food, and plants (duh).

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