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about the business

Since 2018, the mission of Chez Flora has been to the share the magic of plants through in-home consultations, botany education and personalized plant selection. 

Whenever someone tells me they have a black thumb I get quite sad... that being said, green thumbs don't come naturally; they are learned. Working with and learning about plants is the only way you'll improve your skills. Take it from someone who has "unalived" many a plant and now works with them successfully every day.

Chez Flora is owned and operated by me, Nika Linn. It's a one person show around here!

Thank you for supporting my business. 

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Nika Linn is from Fort Collins, Colorado. They have a B.S. in Biology/Botany and a B.A. in French Literature & Culture from Colorado State University. Nika also works as a seed analyst for the USDA. They love design, architecture, sustainability, sci-fi movies, awesome food, and plants (duh).

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